If you’ve got a move coming up, one question that you may be wondering is do you pay movers before or after your move? You, of course, want to avoid any of the infamous moving scams that some moving companies out there will try.

With most companies, you will pay the movers after they unload, upon delivery. This is quite standard within the moving industry, similar to other industries like pressure washing and cleaning. Unless your move is a long distance move, or it is extremely labor-intensive, most movers won’t require any large deposits.

To stay safe and free of fraudulent movers, keep reading through the rest of our tips.

Can You Pay Movers With a Credit Card?

Any reputable moving company will absolutely accept any major credit card. If they do not, this is absolutely a red flag. So yes, you absolutely can pay movers with a credit card.

Is Paying Movers in Cash a Good Idea?

Cash is much harder to recoup from a fraudulent company, so paying movers in cash is not a great idea, if you can avoid it.

If there is some reason that it’s preferred by them or by you, there are a few questions you should ask yourself; have you worked with this moving company before? How did you find them?

If you have done your research, and you know that this is a reputable company, then paying in cash can be okay. But, if it is a larger move (costs more), or you aren’t 100% sure that they’re extremely reputable, then you should try to pay with a major credit card.

Do You Pay for Movers’ Lunch?

This is a question synonymous with tipping movers. Paying for movers lunch is absolutely not necessary, but if you feel that you have received outstanding service and want to pay for their lunch, then you absolutely can.

Do You Pay Movers for Travel Time?

Standard in the moving industry is 1 hour travel time for moves within 20km, so yes, you do pay movers for travel time.

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