Moving out of Vancouver is a serious decision to make. Uprooting your life in Vancouver to move anywhere else, whether it’s just a few blocks to Burnaby or thousands of kilometers to Toronto, is a big change in your life.

Although there are seemingly an endless amount of factors that you will need to weigh to determine if you should move out of Vancouver, we will go over a few of these factors along with you.

Factors to Keep in Mind

Your Family

There are many questions to ask yourself, as well as your family when it comes to moving.

If you have kids, whether or not moving out of Vancouver is a good idea becomes an even more important thing to consider. If they are shy, not very outgoing, or they have a difficult time making new friends. you will need to reflect on a few things.

Moving (a considerable distance) will most likely mean a new school. A new school, to them, may mean uncertainty and discomfort. If they have been going to the same school for a while, and really enjoy their peers, this move may really disrupt, and impact their lives for the worse.

However, if they are outgoing and make friends easily, they may be able to get over this sudden shift easily.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fantastic level of education that the Lower Mainland provides. There are many incredible schools, all the way from elementary up to universities. Especially if your kids are considering post-secondary education (while hoping to continue to live with you), then you need to consider the post-secondary education selection where you are moving.

It may be a good idea to sit your kids down and have a chat with them. If they are younger and may have a more difficult time understanding, ask them about their current school and how they are liking it. With older kids, you can be more direct. Tell them the thoughts that you are currently having around leaving Vancouver.

You know your kids the best, so you will know how to deal with the situation best. Just know that they will not appreciate being completely left out of the loop.

High Cost of Living in Vancouver

Although living in Vancouver is amazing, it does come with a price tag. We have, debatably, the highest levels of cost of living in Canada.

This high cost of living is, at least partially, offset by a high average salary. People working full-time in Vancouver reportedly make an average salary of $129,000.

While people will generally make more money in Vancouver, the high cost of living (mainly housing) is typically not enough for it to fiscally make sense.

If you are currently living in Vancouver, and are lucky enough to own real estate in BC, you’re in a good spot. Selling this property will give you the ability to purchase a new (similar) property virtually anywhere else in Canada, and have money left over, with the possible exception of Toronto.

If you’ve received a job offer, keep in mind that $1 in Vancouver does not necessarily equal $1 wherever you are moving. Generally speaking, $1 will go further in most Canadian cities than Vancouver, so even taking a slight pay cut to move away can lead to a higher quality of living.

Lifestyle Changes

Depending on how long you’ve been in Vancouver, you are likely used to city life. There may be some big changes associated with moving out of Vancouver. Especially if you are currently living downtown or plan on moving to a smaller town.

This is where personal preference takes over. If you really enjoy living with hundreds of thousands of people within a half hour drive of you, the small town life may not be for you.

Although there are fewer people in a smaller town, people are generally closer. It makes sense; in a city of 700,000, you cannot be expected to even know the names of 99% of them. However, in a smaller town, you will likely be running into the same people more often so you may as well get to know them.

Depending on where you plan on moving, there will likely be substantial changes to the climate. Although not very many places in Canada have a more mild winter, Vancouver has some of the most rain in all of Canada. You can expect that it will rain somewhere around 45% of all days in Vancouver.

should i move out of vancouver

But remember that the majority of Canada will get well below freezing in the winter months, while Vancouver does not often dip below freezing temperatures. You must pick your battles when it comes to the weather in Canada!

So, Should I Move Out of Vancouver?

If you go through these important moving factors; your family, potential cost of living difference, lifestyle changes, and come to the decision it is worth moving out, then you should move out of Vancouver.

For some people, moving out of Vancouver will be a clear choice. Everything lines up just right and it makes the most sense. For others, it will be a pros and cons situation, where either answer could be right.

As long as you take your time, and consider all of the factors, you will come to a decision that makes sense for you. If in the future, you think you didn’t make the right decision, you can always reassess your situation.

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